Microvascular Testing Onsite

We have on-site state-of-the-art diagnostic medical personnel and devices for testing your cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system

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Why should I have the Pulse4Pulse Circulation Test?

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This test is ordered for patients with or without symptoms to assess the circulatory system. As we age and become more sedentary, we lose the elasticity in our arteries and blood flow decreases.  This test will provide early detection of health risks for prevention of illness and disease before onset and development. The P4P tests helps your medical provider get a better picture of what is happening inside your body versus what we can see on the outside. We take a proactive approach versus a reactive approach. A questionnaire with risk factors will be provided to determine who would benefit from this test.

Some examples of risk factors are:

• Diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Cognitive Impairment
• High cholesterol
• Sleep Apnea

• Numbness and tingling
• Dizziness
• Skin integrity (wounds)
• Frequent falls, poor balance, pain in your legs while walking

What happens when we get results?

The provider will explain any abnormalities from the test and make recommendations for a healthier you.

How often should I have this test?

Annually or bi-annually. It is recommended to have a baseline cardiovascular wellness test and repeat the test to assess if the interventions were effective. For diabetics, the American Diabetes Association recommends this test be performed at least once annually.

Why should I have this test if I already know I have disease (Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Disease etc)?

There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our body and 80% of them are small blood vessels. Much like there are numerous ways to get from Connecticut to Florida (car, bus, train, plane, uber, etc), there are many blood vessels that can be diseased from a small blood vessel perspective. Identifying it early allows us to treat it early, preventing more progression of macrovascular disease.